Good Friday

It indeed felt like a good Friday when we awoke this morning. The birds were singing in that cheery way that only happens when spring is in the air. And though there are gray skies and some flurries today, it seems that all of life is beginning to burgeon once again. The syrup we are making has been getting darker lately as well, and the sap has that yellowy color that tells us that soon the trees will budding.

We welcomed two new kid goats on Wednesday, born to our doe, Violet. Violet is a great mother, and a patient and gentle milker. The kids, one boy and a much smaller girl, both look like their mother. Violet has been producing an ample supply of milk, and we were even able to put some colostrum away in the freezer.

And though old wisdom says today is the day to plant peas, we went ahead and planted them on Wednesday. Celeus was anxious to plant something, though he wanted carrots. He agreed that peas would also be good, and he got his hoe and went right to work. Celeus has all the makings of a fine farmer and gardener, with a gung-ho attitude, a kind heart towards animals, and the ability to observe things in a careful way.

Tiffany had been wondering where all the robins were, because the chickens have scratched up a lot of dirt in the garden and it should be worm-central out there. We can hear them singing in the morning, and she has seen them sitting in the trees. She was surprised to discover that the chickens are out there this morning methodically chasing the robins away! We sure do love our chickens, but nothing puts us in the springtime spirit like robins hopping around outside. Pretty soon, we will get the fence back up and then there will be no more chickens in the garden. No points for guessing how anxious we are to be digging in the dirt!