Spring has been productive.  We are getting about a 1/2 gallon a day from 2 does, milking once a day with the kids nursing freely for the rest of the day and separating them at night.  In addition, we're getting at least a dozen eggs/day from our hens, which is better than 50% production w/o buying layer pellets.  It's been taking the chickens most of the day to finish a couple cans of wheat and/or sunflower seeds, and they're preferring mainly to fend for themselves.  Fence building is coming along.  Garlic and Egyptian onions are beautiful.  Ross is digging beds where sod has become established, sawing and splitting firewood for the next year and working on jobs in the workshop, while Tiffany is working more hours at the library and applying for the directorship of a local museum in addition to her many other tasks at home.