Avast! Welcome to Pirates' Haven. If you're headed for the ol' rope necklace, this here's the place ye want to be, so without farther ado, Hoist the colors! Man the deck! and YO HO HO!!

Cap'n Barracuda

Captain's Log

The pirate phase of my life mostly started when we watched the Pirates of the Caribbean series (see Tiffany's Heart with Health.) so we decided to have a pirate day (also in Tiffany's Heart with Health) so I started to get ready with activities, decorations, etc. but every time we decided on a date, it got delayed until, finally, pirate day came, about six months later, although it seemed like six decades!

Tales From Before the Mast

Shark Attack!

Captain Barracuda was sailing his ship, the Black Shark, to the Isle of Chomp, when the Lookout suddenly yelled "Avast! Sharks off the Starboard Bow!" Of course, Captain Barracuda was not afraid of any sharks, but his crew was different, and soon a huge panic was commencing aboard ship. "To yar posts, ye swabs!" Captain Barracuda bellowed "let us rid ourselves of these pests!" At that, the crew was ready. But, right then, the third mate spotted something in the water. "Cap'n, look there!" and Captain Barracuda saw it, for right there, in the water was a Great White Shark.

To Be Continued...



Sure the Ship's Ship-Shape Sir


Tales From Before the Mast

Shark Attack!-Part 2

The massive beastie was different from the other sharks of the Great White sort that Captain Barracuda had encountered. For one thing, where the gray should be, instead there was purple, and where you would have thought there would be a pair of sharp, menacing teeth, there were two huge, goofy, red lips. But weirdest of all was its behavior. It played out something like this: the first mate said, "The beast be attackin' the ship!" but the third mate said, "It looks to be more like kissin' to me." And so it was. The purple shark was madly in love with the Black Shark, but due to the shark covering the figurehead in big, wet kisses, the ship was rocking back and forth uncontrollably. And then it happened! The Black Shark rocked one last time, then SPLASH!  It capsized! Next thing Captain Barracuda knew, he was floating on a barrel. While he was thinking about what to do to solve his predicament, a lantern appeared above his head. Captain Barracuda took it down. Inside there was a scroll; it said:

Cap'n Barracuda, you're brilliant brain has just thought of a plan to scare away the sharks!

Captain Barracuda swam back to the capsized ship, and dived under. He swam to the Captain's Cabin and he found the Barracuda Pearl, then swam back to the surface. He then used the Pearl to call the barracuda. But wait a minute, where are the sharks? Uh-oh, here they come! But just in time, here come the barracuda! Faster then a speeding ship! More powerful then a cannon! They drove the sharks far far away. Meanwhile in the ocean, the purple shark was crying because she thought the Black Shark was dead. Captain Barracuda and his crew won!